International Yoga Day-2023. National Reading Day-2023 . Hearty Congratulations to Our Students Who achieve High Marks in JEE Mains. .

Aravinda Newsletter

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Dear Parents and Learners,

Last academic years have waved goodbye to us. But we still can't get them off our minds.

So we have coupled it together with the help of junior Aravindans inside our campus as newsletters to keep getting back to them. Take some time and go through these old memories to see what we did together @Aravinda Vidyamandiram.

Happy Reading everyone!


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Aravinda Vidyamandiram

Admission for grades 2 to 4 is based on the performance in the previous classes.

Admission for grades 5 to 9 is based on the entrance test.

Admission for grade 11th is purely based on Class 10th marks

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Applications are Open for in the 2023-2024 academic year for Plus Two Programmes in Aravinda Vidyamandiram.