Hearty Congratulations to Our Students Who achieve 1st & 6th Rank of Kerala Ganitha Sasthra Parishad.. Hearty Congratulations to Our Students Who achieve 4th Rank in State Level Maths Talent Search Examination. Hearty Congratulations to Our Students Who achieve Quest 4 Whiz Talent Search Exam. International Yoga Day-2023. National Reading Day-2023 . Hearty Congratulations to Our Students Who achieve High Marks in JEE Mains. .


Edmund Burke viewed society as a “reconciliation of the present and future to the past”. We like to think that this simple yet important sentiment is a guiding spirit for much of what we do here at Aravinda. With our efforts, we aim to strengthen the bonds between “those who are living, those who are dead, and those who are to be born” to borrow Burke’s famous phrase.

The challenges that we face today are grave, which makes our task of emphasizing those things that are continuous and permanent ever more important, we therefore seek your help in preserving and sustaining the cultural ideas to which Aravinda has been devoted for over thirty two years. We are also committed to preserve the legacy of what our forefathers left behind. Through our initiatives, we hope to transmit their ideas to future generations. So far we received good support from the society and expect that it will continue to rally behind our efforts with contributions.

  • Be a volunteer
  • Financial assistance to Punarjani
  • Donation for free dialysis
  • Sponsor a child

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Aravinda Vidyamandiram

Admission for grades 2 to 4 is based on the performance in the previous classes.

Admission for grades 5 to 9 is based on the entrance test.

Admission for grade 11th is purely based on Class 10th marks

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Applications are Open for in the 2023-2024 academic year for Plus Two Programmes in Aravinda Vidyamandiram.